Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

NOT INCLUDED: Our pricing does NOT include the fishing license ($15 USD), also known as a “boat transportation license” . This license is required by the Costa Rician government (Incopesca) for all adult passengers (regardless if fishing or not), 16 years and older. The license can be purchased for $15 cash (USD or Colones) at the dock entrance. Very Important: Incopesca only accepts CASH.

TIPS: Crew Tips are also NOT included in the cost of the charter. We’re often asked “how much should we tip” and our response is “that’s up to you…. it’s a “tip” and if you are very happy with the service provided by the crew, then we usually recommend a tip like you would provide in a nice restaurant (15-20%). You can give the tip directly to the Captain of the boat and he will distribute it evenly among the crew.

CREDIT CARD: If you have booked your reservation using a credit card, the charge will show up as “Jaco Tours Sportfishing” on your credit card statement.

DEPOSITS: When booking greater than 30 days in advance, a 50% deposit is required and may be placed on a credit card. If less than 30 days in advance, payment is due in Full at the time of making the reservation.

HOURS:A FULL DAY FISHING CHARTER IS FOR 9 HOURS TOTAL, FROM DOCK TO DOCK OR HERRADURA BAY but returning no later than 4:00 pm (so if you arrive late, we still return to the dock by 4:00pm). We fish in all safe weather conditions. Should you choose not to go out on the day you have booked the charter due to weather, NO REFUNDS if you decide not to fish or if you elect to return to the dock early on any fishing charter.

VESSEL TROUBLE: Occasionally boats can have mechanical problems and in this situation Jaco Tours Sportfishing reserves the right to: (a) substitute a boat from our fleet with a replacement one of equal quality, (c) issued a refund.

We do NOT guarantee that air conditioning (A/C) will available on our boats as it is not very important on the open-air type boats. 50′ Hatteras Convertible boat which has an enclosed salon will always have the salon air-conditioned.


CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of a cancellation, a 30 day advance notice is required in writing for a Full refund. Any fee’s (i.e. bank wire fee’s, credit card commissions & fee’s, cancelled check fee’s, etc.) associated with the reservation and/or with issuing a refund will be subtracted from the refund amount. All payments are Non-Refundable if the trip, or any portion of the trip, is cancelled for any reason whatsoever from (0-29) days prior to your service day. No funds will be returned for unused portions of a bundled package.

Travel Insurance

Customers are responsible for their own Travel Insurance, relative to medical costs, personal accident and personal loss. Jaco Tours Sportfishing will not be liable if anyone should fail to take an adequate Travel Insurance cover prior to departure from the country of domicile. During transportation all customers in the vehicles of Jaco Tours Sportfishing are properly insured under the local transportation insurance policies. (Some Travel Insurance is included on certain Credit Cards so its worth checking to see if your already covered by your Credit Card.)


Third parties.


All Tours, Activities and Transportation services undertaken by customers are of their own choice and at their own risk. These include activities such as zip lining, scuba diving, rappelling, hiking and all other water, beach and outdoor related sports during the Tour/activity Services.Jaco Tours Sportfishing or the rental properties can’t be held responsible for any personal accidents which may occur during the above stated activities.

Jaco Tours Sportfishing will request any customer partaking in the Tours, Activities and Transportation services offered by Jaco Tours Sportfishing to fill out a Waiver (Liability Release Form).



Jaco Tours Sportfishing is not responsible for the loss or damage to equipment and personal belongings due to the customer’s own actions. Jaco Tours Sportfishing will not be held responsible for loss or damage to equipment and personal belongings due to circumstances beyond our control, such as rainy weather, swimming with non water proof devices, damage to equipment by sand or stones. Under no circumstances is Jaco Tours Sportfishinto be construed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of his or her luggage and belongings. Luggage and belongings are carried at customer’s own risk, these being advised to closely watch the possible loading and unloading of their belongings.


All of our tours will run rain or shine. When it rains here it is still relatively warm and the rain can actually enhance your experience while you are in the rain forest during the rain. However, if the rain is so strong that it creates conditions that your guide or Captain of the boat. deems it unsafe, we will cancel the tour and you can reschedule or receive a refund.



Jaco Tours Sportfishing designs its tour/activities with a degree of flexibility, to provide you with the best possible opportunity for exploring Cost Rica. However, circumstances may arise which would require an adjustment to the tour/activity due to weather, availability of routes, problems with old routes, etc. Jaco Tours Sportfishing will do all that is possible to avoid such changes, but it must reserve the right to make such modifications if they are determined to be necessary.




For administrative and operational reasons, no refund can be given on a deposit when tours/activities are cancelled by the customer. In case of NO SHOW, due to the customers’ own responsibility, no amount, deposit or full payment will be refunded.

Cancellations by company

Jaco Tours Sportfishing reserves the right to cancel the tour/activity because of insufficient registrations or unforeseeable circumstances. All payments will then be refunded and/or suggestions for other comparable tours/activities will be given.